The next level of gym management software is here. Let's introduce you to ABC Ignite. 

ABC Ignite redefines how fitness operators and members interact with technology to reach their goals. The flexible, scalable and intuitive solution has all of the tools gym owners and operators need to accelerate business performance, operate efficiently and deliver 360° member experiences. 

The modern new solution suite invigorates ABC core competencies that you have relied on for years – including member management, billing and reporting – and adds newly expanded capabilities to simplify the businesses.

Reduce your reliance on disparate systems, empower your teams and tackle all of the ‘jobs to be done’ in your club with ABC Ignite, the only technology you need to grow and prosper in the recovery and beyond.

What is ABC Ignite?

Using decades of our fitness industry experience, feedback from thousands of club partners, and years of testing and development, we created ABC Ignite, an integrated solution to address all the jobs to be done in your club. Ignite redefines how you and your members interact with technology and engage with each other.

Ignite at its core supports your club’s membership, operations, billing, and reporting with add-on modules, such as a club branded app and lead management solution, to give club owners and operators complete control of their businesses and improve member lifetime value. Consolidating various technologies into one integrated solution simplifies the daily life of club operators, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and helps your whole team provide a better member experience.

We’d love to learn more about your club and how we can help simplify your business!

Trusted by the leading brands in fitness to deliver results for their businesses.



Extended member lifetime value on average.



Of fitness industry experience & expertise.



Or less to start billing once onboarded.



Improvement in cash collected within the first 90 days.

Discover why 40% of all clubs in the US utilize ABC Ignite to deliver a total fitness experience for their members. With decades of experience supporting clubs, we are the trusted partner to scale businesses for growth while providing the immediate tools need to run their operations and provide incredible member service.

In our day-to-day operations, I don’t even think we knew how much more efficient we could be. But with ABC Ignite, our day-to-day operations became a lot more expedited. I was able to train our front desk staff to be more responsive to our members’ needs in the moment. And that really helped a great deal.

Scotland McCallumGeneral Manager, CAC Fit

Ignite sure does make life easier. And we’re able to make phone calls that we couldn’t do previously for new customers and retention. We just wanted capabilities that would allow us to take the next step, automate more, and stop being old school.

Mark GroshanOwner, Janesville Athletic Club

It was important for us to be strong on collections for the business side of things. Having the ABC Ignite team follow up made a huge difference. It allowed us to focus our time on member engagement and gave us a nice layer of protection with our members. We were not the ones ‘hounding’ them.

Nick KerzmanOwner, Three Rivers Fitness

ABC Ignite contains everything you need to operate your business. However, when combined with additional modules and enhanced features, the possibilities are endless.

Deliver the Total Fitness Experience with a club branded app that both members and trainers love to use, building long-lasting relationships and brand loyalty with your members.

  • Enable members to conveniently view and book classes, appointments, and more
  • Make member self-service seamless, including barcode check-in, profile updates, and payment management
  • Increase member lifetime value and monetize your digital strategy by creating motivation, accountability, and community
  • Drive engagement and advocacy through on-demand and digital workouts with Les Mills, personal training, nutrition, and habits.

Automate your sales activities with a lead management solution that enables your club to grow your membership and surpass sales goals using a disciplined approach.

  • Start selling with an intuitive interface – simply log in and follow the prompts and notifications
  • Create automated and trigger-based communications to capture, nurture and convert prospective members
  • Identify and manage upsell opportunities for member retention
  • Connect with leads effortlessly with integrated communications, delivered automatically – confirm appointments, promote exclusive offers, or announce special events
  • Contact leads at key stages of the sales process or when member or prospect activity triggers a threshold or specific action
  • Track KPIs across key metrics on sales-specific dashboards, keeping your sales team focused and motivated

Expand the analytic capabilities of Ignite with on-demand dashboards that give you a 360-degree view of your business. Access external data sources for custom reporting and engage professional services to make data-backed decisions. 

  • Scale growth across your organization with advanced reporting to compare performance by location, by employee, by revenue stream, and more
  • Identify key metrics and areas of opportunity with custom data visualizations
  • Track the performance and trends of your team towards various sales goals and milestones
  • Discover your net promoters and what they are saying about your club
  • Determine funnel conversion rate and most effective lead channels
  • Analyze club operations over time with financial projections and advanced comparisons

We have a robust network of partners that deliver proven expertise to complement ABC Ignite and integrate with our club management software.

All of our certified partners are vetted and have met a set of criteria to ensure excellence in functionality, reliability, service and support.

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